Earth Day Outreach from Kiwanis Chateau

A dynamic group of our residents formed a flying squad to take part in an Earth Day clean-up activity in the downtown area near our Chateau.

Following the initiative of one of our Residents Council members, and within an activity publicized by the Downtown BIZ, our wonderful volunteers hit the streets over a three-day period. Starting on Wednesday afternoon, April 21st and continuing on Thursday and Friday, our end-of-winter clean-up recovered debris exposed by the retreat of winter snow.

The BIZ supplied kits consisting of bags, gloves, picker-uppers and associated information as we joined with many other Winnipeggers in the annual effort. All told, we generated some cheerful energy; we received a little fresh air and exercise in the company of old and new friends; and we were rewarded with the sense of a job well done.

Not so incidentally, our acknowledgement of the 51st anniversary of World Earth Day was behind our moment of fame, as we were featured on a CTV newscast!

Congratulations all!