If you are nearing retirement it is time to start thinking about what kind of home you want for the next stage in your life?

Downtown living provides many with easy access to their lifestyle in a comfortable and safe environment.

Kiwanis Chateau makes the decision to move downtown even easier by allowing you to customize your home to your lifestyle.

Our Residents Choice Program allows new residents to customize and design their living space BEFORE moving in. So you create the home that you want – right in the heart of the city.

As part of the purchase price for the home, you can choose to customize your space to meet your vision and needs. While the renovation costs are included in the initial entry fee, a portion of these costs are returned to the homeowner seven years after they are spent (up to an amount equal to the original entrance fee).

Kiwanis Chateau’s Residents Choice Program enables you to customize your next home and retire downtown in affordable, upscale luxury!

Many one bedroom suites are available for immediate occupancy as well qualify for the Residents Choice customization program. For more information on Kiwanis Chateau and the Life Lease purchase, contact us at 204-306-4617 sisaac@FredDouglasManagement.com to schedule your personal tour.